Building your own rugby betting strategy: 4 tips for success

rugby betting

This action-packed team sport from England is currently not as popular as football in Germany. But over time, rugby is becoming more and more popular as a popular sport. International bookmakers are expanding their betting offerings to include rugby. If you also want to discover the world of rugby betting, then you should build a rugby betting strategy. And in this article we have all the information about it!

Deal with the matter

In order to improve your chances when betting on rugby, you should familiarize yourself with the subject. Start with the Rugby Union and Rugby League Laws of the Game. How long does the game last? What are points awarded for in rugby? What are try, dropkick, penalty and conversion in rugby? Then read about the biggest rugby tournaments and world championships such as Rugby World Cup, European Rugby Challenge Cup, and Six League. And before making any bets, you should do a head-to-head analysis of both teams: Which team is the strongest in terms of each player? What are your mold curves? Which team won in the preseason? Dig deeper and deeper into the matter.

Choose a bankroll management strategy

rugby betting

Bankroll management is about placing bets according to a specific plan. First, set your betting budget and decide whether you will spend a fixed amount on bet every time or not. When the bets are equal and each of them is a fixed percentage of the betting budget, this strategy is called flat bets strategy.

This strategy has clear advantages: Above all, it is low-risk and therefore perfect for beginners. Unfortunately, you can’t make long-term money with it. In order to win money, you should opt for riskier strategies and calculate stakes depending on the bet. Fibonacci formula, Kelly formula, Martingale strategy – you can find a lot of information about this on the Internet.

Always compare odds

As is well known, every bookmaker offers its own betting odds for individual sporting events. To win more money with rugby bets, compare offers from several bookmakers before each bet, preferably 1-5. Even if the betting odds differ slightly, this difference makes a big financial difference.

Don’t just rely on classic rugby betting options

rugby betting

Win bet, 3-way bet, handicap are popular betting options, and they are also popular for rugby. Above all, winning bets are very popular because the outcome of a game in rugby is quite rare. The odds for such a bet can be 30. But how about try scorer bet: bet on which player will score the first try in the game? And why not a 1st/2nd? Make a half-time bet? At the tournament and not individual games? And don’t just think about the odds, but also about the probability of winning.

It is worth betting on several events that are more likely to happen than making an expensive bet with very high odds that will not be successful. The so-called futures bets in rugby can be very lucrative. You bet on the overall performance of a team during a rugby season. Since the number of rugby tournaments is quite high, there is a good selection here.

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