How to Play Pai Gow Poker?

While Pai Gow Poker is popular among casino players. It requires knowledge of the game’s rules and hands to master. This variation of poker can also benefit players who are familiar with other games such as Texas Hold’em and 20Bet casino.

1. What is Pai Gow Poker?

Pai gow poker

Unlike other casino games, such as blackjack and roulette, Pai Gow Poker doesn’t follow the same rules. However, it’s still related to a Chinese game known as Pai Gow Tiles first created in 1985. 

The goal in Pai Gow Poker is to make nine out of a possible nine. This variation of the game doesn’t pit players against each other. Instead, it only has a dealer who can enforce the rules. Also, it allows players to choose the person they want to be the game’s dealer.

The people who play Pai Gow Poker believe that it’s a socially acceptable game. Its low-risk factor and slow pace also appeal to its players. However, before playing this game, one must understand the game’s fundamental rules.

Unfortunately, learning the rules of Pai Gow Poker can take only a couple of hours. This makes it accessible to everyone.

2. Pai Gow Poker Rules

Unlike poker games, which require players to bluff, Pai Gow Poker does not. This means that it’s easier to learn. Also, learning its rules can help players improve their skills.

After making bets, the game begins. Although the banker hands out the cards, other players are allowed to join in. The players then draw two high and two low cards. Since the cards are dealt from both the high and the middle, the high hand should perform better than the low.

Depending on the venue, the banker will either use his high or low hand with the house’s varying rules. The players can ask for guidance from the house.

A player might lose a hand because of certain circumstances.

Pai gow poker
  1. If the two of the cards on the table are better than the dealer’s pair, the players will get a win.
  1. If the players’ hand exceeds the dealer’s, then they’ll get their bet back. This doesn’t depend on if the banker has a winning hand or a tie.
  1. If a player’s hand is against the dealer’s pair or is tied, then they lose their bet.

Pai Gow Poker Side Bets

Players can gamble using their Pai Gow Poker account at some online casinos. Although these bets can be profitable if there are jackpots, they should avoid them due to how the house can gain an advantage over the game. A popular bet at these sites is Fortune Pai Gow Poker, which allows players to see all their cards.

One of the most popular bets is the seven-card straight. This type of wager is very profitable if a jackpot occurs. Players can also win with trips or higher if progressives are present. Other popular bets include the Progressive, Dealer Bonus, Insurance, and Jackpot.

Before placing a bet, players should ask the dealer for the rules related to their specific bet. They can learn more about the features of these wagers by reading the dealer’s rules.

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